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We mainly offer secondhand clothing of European origin. But we can also provide you with shoes, toys and be wiping rags.

All our products are divided into different categories, such as summer goods, winter goods, creme quality, first quality, second quality

Packaging is done according to the transport or in compliance with the customers' needs. Commonly used packaging methods are bales of 45, 50, ... kg; giant bales of 500 kg; capsacs per 100/150/200 pieces.

Transport can be handled by truck or per container on the ship (20 feet or 40 feet High Cube).



  1. Confirmation of the pro forma invoice including the selected quality and price concludes.
  2. Payment of 60% of the amount shown on the pro forma invoice before the beginning of the realization of the order.
  3. The time of delivery between two and three weeks from the date of advance (60%) of the amount shown on pro forma invoice.
  4. The customer can choose between  FOB (client take in charge the cost of the shipping) or CIF mode (the cost of shipping will be include on the invoice)
  5. Payments can be by bank transfer or cash (the amount cash is limited by law).